Beware of the 'Yosemite Restoration' Hoax

Say NO to Restore Hetch Hetchy and its deceptive "Yosemite Restoration Campaign," which is a veiled attempt to destroy the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - at cost of billions to ratepayers and untold damage to the environment and the economy!

  • This misguided, misleading plan to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoirs is huge waste of money - it would cost as much as $10 billion - that's $2,770 more per ratepayer per year! - and leave 2.6 million Bay Area residents without a reliable source of clean water!

  • This plan has been studied at least seven times in the past 25 years! The $8 million Restore Hetch Hetchy wants the city to spend on this plan could be put to better use, such as funding clinics, afterschool programs, parks and street repair.

  • This measure would lead to a huge loss of clean, hydro-electric energy provided by the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water & Power System, which currently powers everything from public schools to Muni buses to hospitals.

That's why virtually every responsible public official and community leader opposes this measure.

This initiative is insane and attempts to fool voters into wasting millions to restudy local water sustainability projects that are already being implemented in San Francisco.

Mayor Ed Lee

...Every so often an effort emerges to remove the O'Shaughnessy Dam and drain the reservoir. Each time, the same conclusion is reached: There is simply no feasible way to replace the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, return the valley to its original condition and still provide water to the Bay Area.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein